Conference | Memories of Contemporary

Videos of the conference Memories of Contemporary (Florence, Auditorium di Sant'Apollonia, November 22-23, 2016). Direction: Fabrizio Mancini.

Exhibition | Maurizio Nannucci Top Hundred

The exhibition, curated by Museion in collaboration with Museo Marino Marini of Florence, aimes at combining the biographical aspect of Maurizio Nannucci's research with the historical aspect of some artistic practices. Top Hundred is a path through the art of the last five decades, from which emerge the richness and innovative energy of various languages: multiples,  artist books and records, posters, audioworks, video and ephemera. Senzacornice has collaborated to the catalogue.


Documentary | Toscana '900. La cultura artistica di un secolo

The documentary, curated by Anna Mazzanti and Senzacornice, narrates the Tuscany artistic culture during the Nineteenth century trough the voices of Enrico Crispolti, Lara-Vinca Masini and Carlo Sisi, and with audio-visual sources preserved in the Mediateca Regionale of Fondazione Sistema ToscanaThe video is promoted by Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Regione Toscana and Consulta delle Fondazioni di origine bancaria della Toscana, Piccoli Grandi Musei, in the framework of the project Toscana ’900. Musei e percorsi d’arte.

Workshop | Una cittÓ in prospettiva. Arte a Firenze tra passato recente e futuro prossimo

The videos record the conference Una città in prospettiva. Arte a Firenze tra passato recente e futuro prossimo. During the event young scholars have analyzed artistic experiences that, from the Seventies to today, have contributed to create the contemporary experimental imagine of Florence. At the end of the conference was organized a round table with the representatives of the most relevant Florentine realities actually involved in the promotion of contemporary art. (direction of the videos: Fabrizio Mancini)

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