Book | Arte a Firenze 1970-2015. Una città  in prospettiva, Quodlibet, Macerata, 2016

edited by Alessandra Acocella and Caterina Toschi, Quodlibet, Macerata, 2016

For the first time the book traces the contemporary artistic culture of Florence since the 1970s to present day (with a specific eye on the two decades 1970-1990). Rethink recent past in a future perspective to deepen how art has been produced and diffused in Florence, and to reflect on the relationship between historical frame and artistic update. Three thematic sections philologically investigated: Florence and the international scene through Florentine centres of experimentation
(Gallery Schema, Zona artist-run space, Villa Romana, art/tapes/22), the editorial reality of Centro Di and exhibitions of artist books; the connection between art, city and public sphere with the Studio d’arte Il Moro, the show Umanesimo, Disumanesimo nell’arte europea 1890/1980, the urban actions by Mario Mariotti, the magazine «Westuff» and the exhibitions Made in Florence; finally, the institutional vacuum between the unresolved issue of the contemporary art museum and the alternatives of art spaces operating in the last decade.

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